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Evaluation Week in Latin America and the Caribbean: EVAL2018

Date: Monday, Mar 12, 2018

The CLEAR Center for Latin America and the Caribbean has opened the registration of activities that aim to be part of the 2018 Evaluation Week taking place from June 4 - 8, 2018. EVAL 2018 will be a gathering place for the public sector, civil society and the academic community to come together to organize activities, creating spaces for research and discussions about how important monitoring and evaluation is for continuously improving public policy and programs in the region.

Recorded Webcast on Measuring Development Outcomes Using Geospatial Data

Date: Friday, Feb 16, 2018

A live webcast hosted by the Center of Global Development (CGDev) on How to Measure Development Outcomes Using Geospatial Data for Impact Evaluation was held on February 21, 2018. The event featured Dr. Ariel BenYishay, Chief Economist and Assistant Professor, College of William & Mary, provided an overview of the growing field of geospatial impact evaluation. BenYishay shared a case study using geospatial data that measured the impacts of Chinese development activities in sensitive forests in Tanzania and Cambodia between 2000 and 2014.

Job Opportunities at GEF Independent Evaluation Office

Date: Friday, Feb 16, 2018

There are currently two vacancies available at the GEF Independent Evaluation Office. The office is seeking two short term consultantcies.

1. Evaluation of GEF Support to Mainstreaming Biodiversity - Country Case Study in South Africa

Deadline to apply is March 5, 2018.

2. Strategic Country Cluster Evaluation - Geospatial Analysis

Deadline to apply is March 4, 2018.

Request for Proposals for Evidence Gap Map and Systematic Review of Transformational Change

Date: Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018

The Independent Evaluation Unit of the Green Climate Fund is accepting submissions for the Request for Proposal for the ‘Provision of consultancy services to formulate an Evidence Gap Map and undertake a Systematic Review of Transformational Change’ until the 19th of February 5 PM KST.

Evaluation for Agenda 2030 - Providing Evidence on Progress and Sustainability

Date: Friday, Jan 19, 2018

The book provides an overview of some of the crucial transformations seen in development, and how evaluation plays an important role in these changes.

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Recent Studies

Good Practice Study on Principles for Indicator Development, Selection, and Use in Climate Change Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluation

The Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility (GEF IEO) has undertaken - on behalf of Climate-Eval - a Good Practice Study on Indicator Development, Selection and Use Principles for Climate Change Adaptation M&E. This...

Scoping Study on Evaluation of Natural Resource Management Interventions linked to Climate Change

The Scoping Study on Evaluation on Natural Resource Management (NRM) Interventions linked to climate change was carried out by the Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility (GEF IEO) on behalf of the Climate-Eval community...

Guidelines to Climate Mitigation Evaluations

These guidelines for climate mitigation evaluations are intended to clarify some of the persistent evaluation and measurement issues associated with climate mitigation interventions. This paper is a contribution towards solving some of the...