We collect knowledge-rich blogs from evaluators and persons both within and without our community. These blogs offer writers the opportunity to narrate in less formal writing styles their personal evaluation experiences, capture evaluation findings in easy-to-understand ways while engaging the community with other relevant knowledge.

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Making Climate Finance Count: Improved Tracking in the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2014

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By: Martin Stadelmann, Senior Analyst, CPI Europe
On: Thursday, Nov 20, 2014

Climate Policy Initiative has just released our Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2014. By providing the most comprehensive overview available of climate finance, this series of reports helps decision makers to measure progress against policy goals, identify barriers to the smooth flow of climate investments, and find opportunities to reallocate scarce public resources to drive more investment.

Climate Change Adaptation Indicator Good Practice Draft Study Report Available for Comments!

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By: Dennis Bours, Evaluation Officer, GEF Independent Evaluation Office (GEF IEO)
On: Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014

Over the past months I have been working together with my colleague Punji Leagnavar on the good practice study on ‘Indicator Development, Selection and Use Principles for Climate Change Adaptation M&E’. The study is commissioned by the Climate-Eval community of practice and undertaken by the Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility.
At this point we proudly present to you the draft study report, which is available for commenting.

7 Preliminary Lessons from the 2nd Climate-Eval Conference

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By: David Akana, Senior KM and Communication Specialist, African Development bank (AfDB)
On: Thursday, Nov 06, 2014

The 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development has ended in Washington D.C leaving many evaluation questions answered and perhaps many more unanswered – even though it would be fair to argue that the conference did not set out to answer all questions associated with the evaluation of climate change and development.

Lesson 1: We Know How to Evaluate Mitigation

Climate Finance Monitoring and Evaluation: Scaling-up Knowledge and Learning through On-Line Approaches

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By: Pablo Benitez, Senior Economist, World Bank Group (WBG)
On: Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014

Hello, my name is Pablo Benitez and I am sharing with you a blog about my forthcoming presentation on Climate Finance M&E, which will be part of the 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development. I hope that the members of this community will enjoy reading it, and am looking forward to getting any feedback you may have.

A Composite Methodology Approach to Bridging Private-Public Climate Compatible Development Goals

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By: Quinn Ferguson, Senior Project Manager, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)
On: Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014

Hello, my name is Quinn Reifmesser and I am honoured to have been invited to share a blog about the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership’s (REEEP’s) newly developed Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Strategy and Framework and accompanying paper, which will be presented at the 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development this November 4th, 2014 in Washington, DC. We look forward to presenting the work we’ve done on our M&E framework to our peers, many of whose own M&E methodologies, strategies, publications and work in the field...